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RE: Gambling... More than a touchy subject
by Ken Lewis


August 04, 2004

It could make Ward Cove one of the best purchases in the history of Ketchikan. It is just my un-educated opinion that a fish all day, casino all night would generate lots of jobs and if local tax collectors played their cards right (excuse the pun) schools, recreation, transportation and much more could be paid through taxation of this industry.

Of course getting past the moral stigma attached to such economic development is the hurdle. Just like legislators who think they need to manage my perm fund check, there are those who think people like me would squander my life savings trying to bring down the casino's house. Please save me? I know not how to manage. Or, so someone will claim.

If Metlakatla were to put up casinos, Ketchikan would soon lose tourists to their new industry in a big way. The old air strip would soon be the newest airport and conventions would be held in Met. Demand is demand and to allure creates demand.

When I am in Vegas, I prefer the Craps tables. I get an adrenaline rush similar to a fishing pole screaming with a big King on the end of it. It may be a sickness or it may be a natural high. I personally do not get this same rush going to a Wayne Newton extravaganza. But hey, I am simple.

Native gambling casinos are not my favorite due to the lack of craps tables, but I am sure the gambling industry aced them out of that game of chance. Objectively speaking about Ketchikan's economy (that means forget about the gamblers anonymous programs) makes me think casinos in Ward Cove would double the flights into this town full of people willing to give us their money.

If Ketchikan would like to give me 250K, I will arrange a meeting with some big players in Vegas and nail down a plan. This is your chance Ketchikan, and I am your guy. Heck I might triple your money while I'm down there. Baby needs a new pair-a-shoes, Pay-the-shootah. I think Randy and Justin are on to something that is more than a touchy subject.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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