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RE: Gaming in Alaska
by Justin I. Williams


August 02, 2004

I don't see my dad (Randy Williams) responding to Mr. Nelson's comments about Gaming in Alaska, so I'll go ahead and post this quick reply. Unfortunately it's true, problem gambling is an issue associated with gaming, and people do lose money when they go to a casino. But it sounds like your friend left out some vital parts to his comments somewhat twisting the truth a bit. Not everyone is a loser after leaving a casino, and of course, if you follow the "One Bad Apple" concept then your not going to like the idea of gaming. To address the issue of problem gambling even further I'll say this, "Gambling is supposed to be another source of entertainment, but if you gamble your rent money...Yeah, that's "problem gambling".

That's nice of you to want to take gaming winnings and donate them to charity, you remind me of a guy I saw on T.V. the other day who plays in poker tournaments for fun that carry payouts of over four-hundred thousand dollars. He donates all his winnings to charity.

I hope this is a helpful response to some of the fore mentioned generalizations of gaming.

Justin I. Williams
Covington, WA - USA


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