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Mail-borne Ballots
By Hunter Davis


July 17, 2012

As long as the elections office can verify that the ballot was filled out and mailed by the registered voter it was addressed to, fine. But there is a reason I do not use my street address for mailings. I've watched people walk by my steps and look in the box.

How does the clerk verify that the right person filled in the ballot? How would mail-ins change the process for shut-ins or folks living in a facility? What is to stop a "well-meaning" family member or staffer from filling in the ballot because Mom can't do it herself?

If you want to travel, get a darn absentee before you leave. If the elections office has not published one yet, then write in who you think needs to be on there.

There are a LOT of things that I cannot do without proper identification. Why should the single most precious gift of our Constitution be any different? Most of the voices I hear complaining about registration and mail-ins and absentees are from folks who have no problem voting themselves, apparently.

I like to watch the poll workers not ask for IDs or voter registration cards. They know the individual, usually. Is that correctly done, or are they making a mockery of the law?

Hunter Davis
Ketchikan, AK


About: "Humorously watching the shenanigans of voters, candidates, and scrambling incumbents."

Received July 17, 2012 - Published July 17, 2012

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