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Enough of the back room deals!
By A.M.Johnson



June 15, 2007
Friday PM


With regard to Mr. Whiteside's comments on the current immigration bill. It is apparently correct that smoke filled back room agendas are working at a fast and furious pace in attempting to cobble a messy compromise bill before July recess. I have submitted my comments to both Senator Murkowski and Stevens. My comments to Senator Stevens follow.

1. I understand that Senate leaders are working on a back-room deal that will bring the Amnesty bill back for a vote in exchange for consideration on certain amendments.

2. I oppose this "Amendments for Amnesty" deal.

3. If you support this deal, then you will forever be listed as a supporter of amnesty.

4. The American people have spoken in opposition to this amnesty Bill. I urge you to oppose this deal and the bill.

Come on now, enough of the back room deals! You folks have been told enough by the common citizen that we are alarmed at the obvious cavalier attitude the Congress is taking on this issue. We all are aware of the pressure of big business being placed on each of you, however, we all vote, Donations vs. the common man. Choose with care.

Kennedy is a tar baby on this issue, don't become the feathers.


Ketchikan, AK

Received June 14, 2007 - Published June 15, 2007

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