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Immigration Bill: An Open Letter
By Byron Whitesides



June 03, 2007

Dear Senators Stevens and Murkowski,

I am writing to you to express again, my outrage at S. 1348 and the fact that you are supporting this bill!

Are you shocked at the opposition that has erupted over this bill? Are you so out of touch with the wishes of the American people on this issue, or so arrogant, that you feel you can just SELLOUT the American people, and suffer no consequences!

I am outraged and furious, at what appears to be a sellout by Congress of our country, culture, standard of living, and financial health, to special interest groups, and greedy corporations seeking slave labor. The employers of the illegally documented workers are passing the costs of the low wages on to the American taxpayers, who are subsidizing them with welfare and entitlements, while having their standard of living lowered! Our infrastructure is overloaded, our health care and education systems severely strained, and you want more immigration?

Have you read this bill, or seriously looked at all the loopholes in it, or are you just taking the word of the authors of this bill wrote it in secret, that it is good for the country and will cure the illegal alien invasion problem? If so, you are being mislead, as almost every article I have read, by pundits who have read the bill, are predicting a disaster for the United States, and I do not believe this is alarmism!

I am sick and tired of hearing the opponents of this bill being called RACISTS, BIGOTS, or UNPATRIOTIC! This is a lot of CRAP and you know it, so try to see that this stops! This doesn't help anyone, and in fact, polls show that a majority of the citizens prefer a different plan to resolve this problem.

If you think that the citizens of this country have nothing better to do than sit around their computer and phone, to constantly contact you about the issues facing this country, you are sorely mistaken! Most people are working their asses off trying to support, not only their families, but now all the foreign welfare recipients you have allowed to illegally invade our country!

Therefore, when such citizens take the time and effort to write, fax, email, or call, I feel that it is prudent for you to put much more weight to the concerns being voiced, than those of the lobbyist's, special interests, or political groups who have nothing else to do except try to influence you.

I would like to express to you the solutions to this problem, desired by myself, as well as I feel the majority of the American people.

AMERICANS DON'T WANT A COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL! We did this in 1986 and it was a total failure. Americans learned from this, though is seems Congress did not? This failed reform in 1986 has made the problem we have today many times worse, assuring us that the AMNESTY solution doesn't work! We have enough laws on the books to handle this problem, and what is needed is enforcement of our laws.

SECURE THE BORDER! Build the fence, put the army on it, whatever it takes, SECURE the border and STOP THE INVASION!

ENFORCE THE LAWS ON EMPLOYEMENT! In 1986 WE WERE PROMISED, that the employment of illegal aliens in this country would be stopped, and when employers were found to be breaking the law THEY WOULD BE PUNISHED. Now, Americans are DEMANDING that you live up to this promise, and insist that President Bush live up to his obligation and ENFORCE OUR LAWS. Are our laws to be "scoffed" at? Are we going to reward the "scofflaws"? What about President Bush, isn't he also a scofflaw for refusing to enforce our laws? He has a large responsibility for allowing this problem to balloon out of control under his administration, and I feel that this is an impeachable matter!

MOST AMERICAN'S DESIRE ATTRITION BY ENFORCEMENT. If we do these two things that have been promised to us for over twenty years, we will experience many of these illegal aliens self-deporting. Secure the border and enforce our Laws! In a relatively short time, a problem that is being presented as "overwhelming", by the advocates of AMNESTY, will be greatly reduced to a manageable size when these "illegally documented" workers no longer have a source of income here and they will return home.

I strenuously object to the spin put on the solutions to this problem by the advocates of Amnesty, that we only have two choices or solutions. COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM or DEPORT THEM ALL! This is ridiculous! We can't catch and prosecute EVERY criminal, but that doesn't mean we stop prosecuting rapists, burglars, drug dealers and every other type of crime, and then offer them amnesty! This is Ludicrous!

NO REWARDS, NO SENATE BILL 1348, NO Z VISA'S, NO NOTHING UNTIL AMERICA IS CONVINCED THAT OUR BORDERS ARE SECURED AND OUR LAWS HAVE BEEN ENFORCED AS PROMISED! No guest worker program, NO NOTHING! That is the ONLY way to get Congress and the President to live up to the promises, and obligations to the American people! This isn't going to happen overnight, so stop pushing and get to securing and enforcing!

IMMIGRATION SHOULD BENEFIT AMERICANS! Americans don't want or need 10, 50, or maybe 100 Million unskilled, uneducated immigrants! These unskilled, uneducated illegal aliens are not an asset, but in fact are a drain on the taxpayer. It is up to Americans to decide what kind of and how many immigrants we allow to immigrate, not criminals who break our laws and then demand we make them citizens! Are you aware that polls show that 69% of Americans favor prosecution and deportation for these lawbreakers?

This Senate Bill 1348 is so full of holes and is such a bad bill, that no RESPONSIBLE Senator could possibly support it as a solution! There has also been NO debate or fact- finding, as to what the long term affects to our country, or costs to the taxpayer will be!

Here are some of the problems I have read about.

It doesn't provide any security for the country because it does no more to secure the border than the amnesty of 1986 did! OUR SECURITY DEMANDS that our borders be secured, and ANY sensible solution to this illegal alien problem demands this FIRST!

It is an Amnesty, no matter what the advocates try to tell you. These illegals will be legalized IMMEDIATELY after applying for the Z visa! The government has 24 HOURS, to do a background check! THIS, IS SECURITY? Exactly how thorough will this check be? This quick background check will prevent criminals and terrorists from getting these Z visas? After this, they are legal residents of this country, NO FINES, NO BACK TAXES; they don't even have to become citizens! And all this BEFORE the border is secured! What will the incentive to secure the border be, after all the illegals are "legalized"? About the same amount of incentive as the 1986 Amnesty, I imagine!

There are NO CAPS of the total amount of persons to be "legalized", could be 50 or 100 million! You don't even know how many! They have 2 years to apply, so I guess they just keep flooding the USA for two more years and then fraudulently claiming they were here with their forged documents? They have a 400,000 person guest worker program with no way to check if they ever go home, so we are importing 400, 000 more who will stay here each year and receive amnesty?

I could go on and on about the problems with this bill, but don't take my word for it, just take the word of House Minority Leader John Boehner, speaking to a private gathering of Republican activists, he called the Senate's immigration compromise bill a "piece of s##t"! This bill needs to be thrown in the toilet where it belongs!

When a bill like this is presented, that is so opposed to the wishes of the American citizen, and ignores our security concern by failing to secure the border, it is apparent to me that our Congress prefers to support the wishes of the lobbyist and special interests, who generously donate to their campaign coffers, over the best interests of AMERICA and her citizens!

I think that we need to remove the influence of these lobbyist and special interest groups, by supporting a campaign reform movement and new law, that would prevent our elected Representatives from accepting campaign donations from any company, lobbyist, special interest group, or citizen that doesn't live or do business in their home state. This would do a lot to lessen the advantage of access and influence of the special interests over the citizens! Maybe one of you would like to propose such legislation in the best interest of the citizens of your state?

I am tired of your lame excuses as to why you are supporting legislations such as this, or a guest worker program. There is NO evidence that we don't have enough Americans to fill these jobs now being filled by illegal aliens, and there are NO jobs Americans will not do. There is only evidence that the employers DON'T WANT TO PAY A DECENT WAGE, and can't find law abiding, taxpaying Americans who can work for slave wages and conditions!

I am also tired of your empty promises. The only promise I think you will honor in this bill is the Amnesty to the illegals! If you won't honor the promises of 1986, why do you think we should believe you this time? It is time for you to put up FIRST. Secure the border and enforce the laws, FIRST!

I am now promising you, that if you continue to support this bill, I will not be supporting you when you are up for re-election. Not only that, but if this bill passes and becomes law, I will not vote for another Republican EVER! Yes, I am vindictive and plan to retaliate if you think you can screw AMERICA over with no consequences!

I don't think that the small amount of Americans who support this legislation, along with your special interest groups, and lobbyist, will have enough VOTES to see you re-elected.

I think it would be wise of you to re-examine WHY the Republicans suffered such losses in the election of 2006. Cheap labor indeed!

I am also sending this letter to Congressman Young, the National Republican Party and the Alaskan Republican Party, and Sitnews, the online newspaper in Ketchikan. I hope you will respond to it online so the citizens you represent will know EXACTLY how you intend to react to this bill!


Byron Whitesides
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received June 02, 2007 - Published June 03, 2007

About: A lifelong resident of Ketchikan.




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