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RE: Good News for America
By Byron Whitesides



June 12, 2007
Tuesday PM

Dear Mr. Isaac , Neighbors, and Americans,

It appears it isn't over YET! Even though AMERICANS have expressed their opposition to S 1348 like never before in history, President Bush is trying to revive this bill! He is determined to pass this AGAINST the wishes of most Americans!

He is twisting the arms of our Senators, and trying to gather a list of amendments that would be allowed a vote on, to get the 60 votes necessary to pass this bill in the Senate.

This bill is SO bad, there is little any of these amendments could do to improve it. It is AMNESTY plain and simple, where the illegal aliens are legalized BEFORE, any enforcement trigger, BEFORE the border is secured, BEFORE we can be assured no TERRORISTS are given the Z visas, and BEFORE there is a way in place to see that visitors can't overstay their visa's!

There are just too many holes in this plan, it has too many pages to review in a short period, and the consequences of the plan can't be considered properly! This is just a bad plan that needs to die! How long AFTER the Z visas are issued, will the other conditions of this plan be honored? We need to INSIST that the conditions and laws of the 1986 amnesty be honored and enforced today, BEFORE any other plan is considered!

Mr. Isaacs, I love Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter! They are great Americans, problem is they are the minority in the Republican party, who under the leadership of President Bush, has apparently has forgotten that their platform was that of a "smaller less intrusive government and fiscal responsibility", and "following the constitution and laws of our country".

What President Bush appears to be leading, is class warfare against the middle class. This invasion of illegal foreigners has driven down wages and lowered our standard of living, and strained our infrastructure to the breaking point!

How does a law abiding American compete for jobs, when the illegals using fraudulent documents, live 30 or 40 in a single family residence, and don't pay taxes?

The Republicans are going to lose big, if they insist on supporting this class warfare. These Senators act as though they are royalty or feudal lords and can just ignore the wishes of the constituents! All who vote or support this bill need to be removed from office! They are counting on being re-elected by posing as the "lesser of two evils", so lets not buy into that. I want to be able to vote FOR someone, not offered the lesser of two evils. Lets all just vote the supporters of this bill out, and take our chances with whoever ends up being their opponent!

Please call, email, or fax your senator and voice your opinion on this matter. There is a lot more at stake here than is being exposed by the advocates of this bill! This bill is FRAUD!

Byron Whitesides
A lifelong resident
Ketchikan, AK

PS: OH, by the way, ANWR

Contact Info:

DC Office of Senator Ted Stevens
Washington, DC
Email Senator Stevens

DC Office of Senator Lisa Murkowski
Washington, DC
Email Sen. Murkowski

Received June 12, 2007 - Published June 12, 2007



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