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Good News for America
By Mike Isaac



June 09, 2007

The Immigration Bill is dead, the dummy in the White House also known as George W. Bush did not sell out our country.

BTW great letter Byron Whitesides it is always good to see letters like that and even better when they come from outside of states like CA OR NV AZ or Colorado. However not ever voting Republican or Democrat again may not be the best idea. Guys like Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter are Pro American and care about this country, Bush only thinks about himself and people that have given him money, he has done more damage to the Republican party and this country than Clinton ever could hope to and his amnesty idea will end up being one of the reasons a DEMOCRAT will be sitting in the White House in 2009.

What ever happened to ANWR???

Mike Isaac
Big Bear Lake, CA

Received June 08, 2007 - Published June 09, 2007

About: Former K Town resident

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