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Attitude Regarding Revilla
By Eileen Small


May 10, 2006

I just wanted to thank Karen Hollywood for her input. I am basically out of this issue now, as my graduating senior---whom I discussed in my letter to the editor---is my 5th and final child to leave the nest. I therefore won't be dealing with it on a long term, much less permanent, basis! Thank God for small favors!

I would, however, like to discuss the principal's reply. He is the person who TOLD me about the promised funding that suddenly was denied to Revilla when I called to complain about the Revilla Seniors not being advised as to where the prom would be held! I was a tad surprised at his failure to speak publically in his letter about what we had spoken about privately in a phone conversation! If I am wrong about funding promises that were denied to Revilla, then I apologize for the mis-info which I received from HIM! Of note, whatever the problem with "prom notification" was---the Revilla students were NOT notified in advance. It is that simple!! I also know for a FACT that the Kay-Hi students DID know in advance--as that is how I learned of the changed location, and that knowledge is what initiated my contact with the Revilla principal and the Board in the first place!

I agree with Karen: I have had 5 kids who are all very different people and who all graduated from different programs in different parts of the country including Ketchikan. Two of my kids are college educated, 1 of my kids is a master plumber back east, and 2 are still "finding themselves"-including my youngest who just graduated. Things like graduation ceremonies should NOT be decided by a "kid vote". My daughter expressed it eloquently: "Why would we want to march at graduation with a group of people who refer to us as "The Revilla Retards"? C'mon school board, principals, et al, don't pretend that you are unaware of this attitude! EVERYONE is aware of this attitude! I and my kids are out of it but don't pretend that it doesn't exist!!!!

I pulled my daughter from Schoenbar in junior high due to some sincere issues with the schooling there. I home schooled her for two years using an on line program through PACE (which by the way is an awesome program!). She had all A's and B's. She wanted to attend the high school and so we enrolled her. To say it was problematic and a mistake for her is, in my opinion, an understatement. I do blame a large portion of that on her as well as the school. HOWEVER, after much thought, I enrolled her in the Revilla night school program---she went in the afternoon. She has made up classes she screwed up in at Kay High, learned so much---just like in PACE---and will graduate this year and go on to college! I am pleased and satisfied and I just think that in a small town such as Ketchikan that Revilla needs to be given the respect it deserves! My question is, in reference to Karen's letter: What is the "easy way out" and how dare any 17 year old try to make such a determination! Ideas and attitudes such as this come from both parents and peers. If our community goal is to raise healthy, well-educated, functioning young people, then we need to consider and respect all options. Revilla is an option---not for everyone but THE answer for some! In any other community such as down south, there would be more than one high school in a community. All would be treated with respect. There is always more than one way to achieve a goal! Again-remember this when the next election comes up involving the Board of Education!!

Thank you

Eileen Small
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Eileen Small is a resident of Ketchikan, AK and parent of a Revilla student.


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