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School belongs to entire community
By Karen Hollywood


May 09, 2006
Tuesday PM

This is in reference to Eileen Small's letter.

I have been angry for a few years now about this issue. My sons were NOT graduating the year that the K-High kids voiced the opinion that the Revilla Kids didn't belong on the stage with them during the graduation ceremonies, that the Revilla kids 'had taken the easy way out'... They did not.

I pulled my oldest son out of K-high when his backpack was stolen out of his locker- with about $300.00 worth of Cd's, expensive math book, brand new gym clothes [incl. shoes], etc. The principle at that time stared at the common's ceiling and said, "You should tell someone". I replied, "We DID. We told YOU 5 days ago." He did nothing. Nor would he allow us to post flyers around school offering a reward for the return of it. But, one of my twins is there now and is happy...

I know of a boy that graduated with straight D's from K-high. To stay in Revilla, you have to maintain a B average. I have 2 that got A's and B's in Revilla, and still quit to get GED's- they just wanted to work. My oldest was able to work full time, and still attend school at Revilla, due to the afternoon classes available. He's now 21, and makes good money. My 18 year old was certified in welding at the age of 16, due to his attendance at Revilla, and has just graduated the U of AK SE Campus Welding course w/ more certifications. My son at K-high gets A's and B's and speaks French and Japanese. The point is, both schools have good points, and like all schools, neither is perfect. Going to one does not make you any better than the other.

The graduating kids from Revilla do not seem to care whether or not they are allowed to participate in the ceremonies at K-high, but I DID. I PAY PROPERTY TAXES here, and have for years. Those taxes help pay for K-high, as well as other schools. They should all be treated equally, and they are not.

I would like to remind the kids: IT IS NOT YOUR SCHOOL. It belongs to this entire community, and when you all grow up, get jobs, and PAY for the school, YOU can say who may or may not go to the prom, use the stage for graduation, or anything else. How about remembering that there is AND HAS BEEN- a huge waiting list to get into Revilla because of the K- High kids leaving it.

Everyone comes from the same families, the same streets, neighborhoods, etc and will be seeing each other everywhere. It is a small town, so learn to share, and cut the attitudes, kids. That prom thing was too much.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

Karen Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Karen Hollywood is the mother of 5 boys. Some have gone to K-High and/ or Revilla

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