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By Doug Gregg


May 09, 2006
Tuesday PM

I appreciate and share Eileen Small's concern for the students at Revilla. I do, however, feel obligated to try to correct a few misconceptions.

The location of the prom was changed this year and this created some confusion. On Monday, May 2 students at K-High held a meeting discussing the location and other particulars of the prom. This same information was given to the students at Revilla on Monday (or Tuesday for those who missed on Monday).

I was one of the Senior Class advisors at K-High prior to my assignment as principal at Revilla. In the past Revilla students have, in fact, had booths at the Senior Carnival. The reason for their lack of participation recently has nothing to do with K-High's policies.

Revilla students do not march at graduation with K-High students. There has been discussion of this in the past and my understanding is that Revilla students have not wanted to. They have a graduation celebration that is planned by the seniors, is more personal, and their preference.

I would appreciate, and have advocated for, more funding for the programs at Revilla. I am not aware of any grant that was denied. The School District has a Program Based Budget process that all programs participate in and results in a prioritized list for programs. The Local, State, Federal, and grant revenues determine which programs are funded.

Doug Gregg
Principal, Revilla
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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