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Revilla Students Should Be Allowed Choice
By Chris Elliott


May 10, 2006

Ms. Hollywood made many good points. I was disgusted and appalled at the negative comments made by members of the Class of 2000 when the School Board was discussing whether Revilla students who wished to participate in the Kayhi graduation ceremony should be allowed to do so. Many (maybe most) Revilla students have gone to school all their lives in Ketchikan, side-by-side with Kayhi students through Houghtaling or another elementary school, Schoenbar and, often, several years at Kayhi. One student who spoke against the idea moved to Ketchikan for the last two years of her high school career. What made her think she was more deserving of participating than a student who went K-10 here? The overwhelming majority of the Kayhi students who spoke before the School Board kicked their classmates to the curb. It was sad. While Mr. Gregg is correct when he says that most Revilla students don't want to participate in the Kayhi graduation, if there is one who does, he should be allowed to do so.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Chris Elliott writes, "I'm a 50+ year resident. I attended Ketchikan schools K-12. I'm a former School Board member."


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