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Deny request to rezone Baranof
by Sharon & Timothy Clepper


May 02, 2005

The request to rezone Baranof Avenue from residential to light industrial should be denied. This is an area of schools, family homes and apartment houses, and it should not be altered in this manner. Any business is likely to include increased noise and traffic, and this negative change will affect our neighborhood greatly. Surely there are other, more appropriate, places for a business.

We are strongly against the rezoning of Baranof Avenue. It is ill advised and will result in the deterioration of the quality of life in our neighborhood. It would also be dangerous. The vehicle and pedestrian congestion on that part of Baranof Avenue is already at high levels. Often the visibility is restricted due to the numbers of boats and trucks that are routinely parked there. Someone is going to get hurt there, especially if this alteration to the current zoning is allowed. Join us in letting the Borough know that the request by Greg and Lisa Boles to rezone Baranof Avenue is a mistake.

Sharon & Timothy Clepper
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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