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Baranof rezone request
by Alaire Stanton


May 02, 2005

I am amazed that the Planning and Zoning Commission would seriously consider the Boles' request to rezone their property from high-density residential to light industrial. There are far more appropriate places to put a plumbing or mechanical shop than in the middle of a residential and school neighborhood. Just drive by there now when school is letting out and you will see what could become extremely dangerous conditions with children all over the place and trucks backing here and there.

This request would set a very bad precedent and would have industrial activity encroaching into what has been a great place for families. Not only would it add considerable traffic, but it would add noise, and it would generally decrease the attractiveness of Baranof and the homes around and uphill from the industry. Even the residents of the apartments (also owned by the Boles) would be adversely affected.

We have so few really nice neighborhoods. If you drive the length of Tongass Ave and Tongass Hwy. and consider the number of neighborhoods along the way that don't already have commercial or mixed uses in them, you can't find very many. What is the purpose of a Planning & Zoning Commission? Is it to let the big property owner do whatever they want - whatever the zoning, or is it to set some realistic guidelines for the community?

I understand that the Borough has some property out near Wards Cove that is becoming available. There are also many places along the commercial strip that have "For Sale" signs. Surely, the potential operators of this mechanical shop can find a place that is closer to their main customers and not in the middle of a happy family neighborhood.

The public hearing where this issue is on the agenda again is May 10th.


Alaire Stanton
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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