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Opposed to rezoning of Baranof property
by Peter Bolling


May 01, 2005

We are writing to register our opposition to the request by Greg and Lisa Boles for a rezone of their Baranof property from high-density residential to light industrial. The area is residential in nature and should remain so. Although the owners of Family Chiropractic Clinic have worked hard to be good neighbors in the Baranof community, even their small enterprise has compromised the family nature of our area. Any additional incursion of commercial use, especially any industrial use, is entirely inappropriate.

The Baranof Avenue area is a family area featuring ball fields, playgrounds, schools, and churches. It is absolutely the wrong choice for our community to negatively impact this traditionally family area. The amount of foot traffic in the area at all times of the year is substantial, it is especially so during busines hours when the five area schools (3 public and 2 private) are in session. Increasing the number of vehicles on Baranof is ill-advised and especially if these vehicles are heavy industrial vehicles. This would compound the existing problem of vehicles moving around little children

There are certainly more appropriate areas for light industrial zoning than in the middle of the Carlanna, Jackson, Baranof, Alaska Avenue neighborhoods. If this area can be rezoned to light industrial then what's next? Cambria? Fourth Avenue? Summit? Upper Main? Right smack dab in the middle of the Houghtaling playground?

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Commission and encourage them to make the practical, beneficial and safe decision and execute the intent of their office by denying this rezone request.

Let's keep our kids safe and our residential areas residential.

Peter Bolling
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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