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RE: Abortion
By Robert Holston


March 13, 2013

Regarding Linda Beaupre's letter, I am fully aware of the length of a full term pregnancy. Are you aware that most abortions occur after week 10? That is why I calculated 30 weeks of inconvenience. Most parents would jump into a freezing river to save their drowning child or run into a burning house to carry their child from an inferno death. When a pregnancy causes severe morning sickness or some other complication for the mother the easy out is to choose abortion. It is with 100% accuracy that I declare, choosing abortion kills the child. Choosing life saves the child.

Speaking of Google, please check out order forms for abortion resultant baby parts for sale:

“NO.” Linda I have not been pregnant. Neither have I rolled a 300 in bowling, but I know the difference between a spare and a strike. It is rather immature to suggest that I have no right to discuss the facts concerning abortion simply because I am a man.

My letter of February 26, had six points of discussion and I trust you must have agreed with most of those facts presented.

I am glad that you choose life for your children and I trust that the inconvenience of the complications imposed on your body has been diminished by healing and time and that your wonderful experience of motherhood far outweighs any pain endured.

Rob Holston
Chairman: 40 Days For Life - Ketchikan
holston [at]
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 10, 2013 - Published March 13, 2013

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