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Food Handler Safety Card
By Natasha Campbell


March 15, 2011
Tuesday AM

Regarding Cynthia Moyer's comment about not having testing done to obtain this card, Anna even says to take the test online, which a few years back is what my older sister and I had to do in order to start work at a local restaurant. It is a quick test that covers the basics.

I am in agreement with Ms. Tollfeldt about how crucial it is that people who handle food to know the proper procedures and to know just exactly what they are doing. A lot of illnesses are spread by lack of knowledge and some of which can lead to serious injury. When I was in college for Culinary Arts, the students had to take an 11 week course on food safety and sanitation alone.

Just because most places have an inspection once a year and require one ServSafe certified employee does not mean the rest of the crew knows how to properly execute their job safely. I can almost guarantee that there is not at least one person there at all times with this qualification, which is very risky and not to mention just unsafe for the business but also for the customers.

People do not realize the importance of food safety and sanitation until it is too late and the establishment is shut down.

Natasha Campbell
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I am a 19 year-old former Culinary Arts major and resident of Ketchikan, AK."

Received March 14, 2011 - Published March 15, 2011


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