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Aerial Spraying?
by Marie L Monyak


March 12, 2005

I'm right there with the rest of you, I don't think aerial spraying should be allowed anywhere in Alaska. The people in the lower 48 have ruined their states and then tell us how to run ours.... NOT. But that means we need to learn from their mistakes.

The DEC is just another government entity, what else could we expect from them?

My confusion, and I would like to address this especially to Mr. Edenshaw... the permit request was submitted to the DEC by none other than Klukwan Inc, a native corporation. I have the highest repect for all the indiginous peoples of this state and as such I am very disappointed that Klukwan Inc would see fit to adulterate the land. I guess I was being naive in thinking that the native peoples would care for the land better than anyone else.

The truth is, Klukwan, Inc. is a corporation like any other and their main concern is profits. I encourage everyone to do a search for Klukwan, Inc. Find their web site and write to them of your opposition.

Thank you,

Marie L Monyak
Fairbanks, AK - USA
... soon to be Ketchikan again.

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