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Ariel spraying on Long Island
by Jean Bland


March 12, 2005

When our Ancestors moved to Hydaburg in 1911, they didn't know that some time down the line that their burial grounds at Howkan would be desecrated by people who have no respect for the people who have gone on before us.

By aerial spraying, the pesticide will drift onto the burial grounds of our Ancestors. I can't believe that Klukwan Corporation would allow this to happen. I guess Jim Tuttle and the President of their Corporation don't know that the alder trees provide the nutrients that the green trees need to grow.

As we told these folks in a meeting, we will do what we have to to protect the resting place of our ancestors.

I am a Cancer survivor and I hope that no more of our people get cancer because of the Klukwan Corporation. But I am afraid that this is what is in store because they want money for their corporation. There are a lot of other industries out there if you only go out and look.

Jean Bland
Hydaburg, AK - USA

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