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RE: "Move the museum, enlarge the library"
by June Allen


March 30, 2004

I just have to second the comments of Ketchikan's museum director, Michael Naab - about our local museum. It is, indeed, local! I've been digging into Ketchikan museum's old files, newspapers, documents and pictures for a lot of years now, and I don't know what I'd do without the museum's Michael Naab, Richard Van Cleave, and my best buddy Karla Sunderland (a lady who can find anything, repeat, anything! for me). My pie-in-the-sky dream is of the town's someday getting a Bill Gates-type of grant to index and computerize Ketchikan's old newspapers and photos etc. back to 1900! There's one huge fascinating story of our very special little town in the museum's collections. I won't live to see the day, but I hope Ketchikan's children and children-to-be have an opportunity to pore through the old town's history and enjoy the stories of their unique heritage.

Ketchikan truly is a special place. And - on another tack - when PhD-types like Dr. York rain their stomach acid on our town, it's just because he doesn't know what he's bitchin' about. Consider the source. Ignore... and add his name to the list that leads back to the likes of Don Huddle, Martin Motherway and a few others over the years.

June Allen
Palmer, AK - USA


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