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RE: "Move the museum, enlarge the library"
by Michael Naab


March 29, 2004

In a recent Viewpoints letter, P.J. Travis asserts, "The proposed museum is for tourists - not local residents."

As the City of Ketchikan museum director, I can assure her that the exhibits, programs, services, and activities of the Ketchikan Museum Department (not to mention museum facilities, existing and proposed) exist, first and foremost, to serve the people of Ketchikan. If cruise ship passengers and other visitors enjoy them, so much the better - especially if their admission fees help to support OUR museums!

As to "how many [local] people could afford to use" the proposed museum: Perhaps Ms. Travis does not know that locals are NEVER charged an admission fee.

Anyone who questions the local focus of the Museum Department should check out the current exhibit at the Tongass Historical Museum. "View Finders" features exquisite photographs by 35 practicing Ketchikan photographers. The summer exhibit, "What Ketchikan Collects," will highlight the personal collections of a broad cross section of Ketchikan residents. NOT LOCAL?

Michael Naab
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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