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It's that time again...
by Dr. Peter York


March 28, 2004

Well, the summer tourist season is almost here - - and time for Ketchikan to again prostitute itself to the cruise and tourist industry influx. This makes one wonder just how many more new "jewelry stores" will take over downtown this year. But at least the tourists will have the opportunity to experience (insert a drum roll at this point) "The Aquarium being built" - RIGHT? [Can anybody even account for all the monies collected for this endeavor, or its "business-as-usual" at the City Hall?]

Outsiders flock in and sell their trashy trinkets and gewgaws. After the season is over they blow this burg, leaving behind boarded-up storefronts and taking their profits with them - - while the powers-to be debate if to board-up the windows from the outside or the inside. [Based on what makes the town look less abandoned .]

And you may as well fool yourself into thinking that the "city fathers" are in control and know exactly how much taxes/monies are collected from these "carnies" and put back into city coffers.

I don't know what to feel more - - sadness, or disgust, with what Ketchikan has turned into. And to top it off, unfortunately, Ketchikan isn't even a high-class floozy!

Dr. Peter York

Ketchikan, AK - USA



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