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The news from the Muslim world really is scary
By Bob Condor


February 14, 2006

I have been reading "Sitnews" regularly for more than a year.  I began because of your easy, on-line access to the local weather and then I started reading and enjoying your columnists like Dave Kiffer and Jason Love.  I even sign on just to look at your utterly spectacular Alaska photography and I forward the pictures to my friends down south.  I guess you could say I am hooked on "Sitnews".  I applaud you for putting opinion letters on the front page.  Sure sometimes the letters are contentious but all those smart people have something interesting to say and they sure make a person think, like the one Mark Neckameyer wrote yesterday about how the Muslim countries don't understand us.  I was thinking about that letter today when I read today's news.
There is a new major hit movie being shown in Muslim countries produced by our friends in Turkey called "Valley of the Wolves".  In this nightmare, U.S. Soldiers kill innocent Muslim children on purpose and commit all kinds of atrocities.  In one scene our soldiers attack a wedding party in Iraq so they can  drag prisoners off to Abu Ghraib then conspire with a Jewish doctor to harvest and sell the internal organs of the Arab prisoners.  There are American movie stars in this abomination by the way including Gary Bussey.   This is shocking coming from a country to whom we give aid, starring actors who are US citizens.  I think they are traitors in spirit if not punishable legally.  No more Gary Bussey movies for me!
I also saw on television today that mobs in Pakistan are still rioting against those infamous Danish cartoons and they are taking it out on what they probably consider an Icon of American culture.  They chant "Death to America" while they are burning down Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises.  I wish I could come up with a joke about how the mobs should burn bakeries who sell "Danish" but I will leave that to someone more clever than I.   Probably some poor Pakistani investor just lost his life savings when the franchise was torched and why pick on us or KFC anyway?
It is getting more difficult for me to sleep nights feeling secure.  Thank you for doing so much to keep us informed.
Bob Condor
Anchorage, AK - USA


About : Bob Condor builds and manages strip shopping centers.  He received his Business Degree from Washington State University a few years back and returned to Alaska in 2003 to work in the family business.



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