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My thoughts on various topics
by Robert McRoberts


February 27, 2005

Well this last week's comments were on average of what bothers some people. The one recently that strikes me most is the round log issue. Both sides are right. The State is allowing it to be done and Alcan has the right to do it.

I remember back in the early 70's when my father was running the Spruce Mill and they wanted to stop round log export. The native corporations seemed to just want the easy monies with little respect for their future generations. If all those logs had gone to local mills every one would still be working here. I do not blame the native corporations, they did it because the State allowed it.

We do need to stop it now. There will never be new mills here if it is easier to export the logs to a country that make their people work for nothing. We can not compete with them. If there is such a demand for timber, let's get our monies worth. Eric, I was wondering how many locals Alcan has employed. I do not mean the Oregon Helicopter crew that lives in the your camp. It seems there is a large amount of monies turning but it will not stay here and that is the real problem.

Bryan Schultz is on the case of why is government so expensive. It is and it could use some restructuring and a lot lower salary for the crew. Maybe stop paid vacations and so on. Our government is supposed to work for us but they're treated so much better than us - the few working people left. We really need to downsize for God sakes! Computers are supposed to make things easier to manage things. But go Bryan! You were one of our great class leaders in school and you have what you need to help us out. It is our generation that needs to get it fixed. When I see old classmates concerned, I remember our class song - and it is one of the only things I really remember from school. "We Are the light at the beak of dawn class of 80 turn it on."

I like that Dawn Allen-Herron has came up for a use of White Cliff school. I could never figure out why the Borough could not use this building for their offices. They were really wanting Ward Cove. Heck it would make too much sense to have a building they could have parking right outside and a large gym in which they could have council meetings in and we would not have to stand in the halls. Sometimes they fight like they should be in kindergarten.

Don Hoff, I do agree the new capital is a joke. Why not a big red cedar tribal house with marble floors maybe if it's not too comfortable maybe they would get some things done. I can not really remember the last thing that was done that did not cost the state more monies.

I have been wanting to let out my opinion of the local government - but all of Southeastern Alaska already has. If Myers Chuck and Prince of Wales would rather become a borough of Wrangle it shows that something is wrong with the way you operate. You just wait till that new ferry goes online. There will be no one coming to Ketchikan to shop, especially if Wrangle builds a road out of town before Ketchikan.

I just have one more question if the  Alaska Marine Highway charges you so much to get to Wrangle and we put in this inter-island ferry and it cost more to go to Hollis already than Wrangle, will you be paying twice as much to drive to Coffman Cove and take that ferry?

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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