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Shame on Alaska and all those that persecute and kill wolves!
by Debra Grossman


February 26, 2005

It is terribly unfortunate that there are still individuals like Loren Stanton, who still believe that wolves are nothing but blood thirsty creatures ready to attack at the slightest provocation. In fact, there is not one documented case of a healthy wolf attacking a human in North American history. Through folklore and superstitious beliefs, wolves remain to be the most persecuted and misunderstood animals on earth. Many people do not realize that wolves are shy animals and only take down the weakest animal to survive, unlike the human predator, that hunts out of sport and gluttony. Predators such as wolves, are necessary to keep the population of "peaceful" grazing herd animals in check, otherwise, these animals would ravage the vegetation, cause fatal car accidents and would die painfully from starvation. Wolves have an essential role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Get a basic education before you start corrupting the minds of others with simple minded ideas.

I was quite taken back by Mark Cowley's suggestion to William Brehm, the wildlife photographer, that we should leave the issue of wolves and arctic drilling to those who live in Alaska. Since when did Alaska become separate from America? I live in Arizona and I am very concerned about the serious issues facing Alaska and the rest of my great country. I will not stand by and allow people to bring destruction and devasation to one of the last beautiful places in America just because I don't live there. Alaska's wolves are America's wolves and all Americans have the right to enjoy the splendor of Alaska and all its wildlife.

In regard to controlled management, we all know that predators are managed so that there will be more animals for humans to display on their walls, wear their skin and consume their meat. Contrary to Mark Cowley's comments, that there will always be plenty of trees and wolves, history itself proves that Mark is wrong. If nearly two million wolves were slaughtered in the latter part of 1800's by hunters, ranchers and the U.S. Government, there is no doubt that wolves can be completely eradicated from the face of Alaska. At Alaska's current pace of decimation, there is no doubt that Alaska will become barren of wildlife and wolves, it is only a matter of time.

Mr. Stanton and Mr. Cowley are both uninformed and perhaps uninformable. If they took the time to learn anything about the issues, they would realize that Alaska's future lies in the protection of its natural resources and biological diversity rather than their exploitation. Alaska's economy will be significantly impacted without its wolves and wildlife. Wake up Alaska!

Debra Grossman
Mesa, AZ - USA

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