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Wolf Control
by Mark Cowley


February 24, 2005

In regards to Mr. William Brehm's post about the unjustified slaughter of wolves in Alaska, it was a typical comment coming from one of our environmentalist tree huggers that have no idea what-so-ever what he is talking about!

How could he? He doesn't live here. He doesn't see what happens here. When the State of Alaska decides to thin an animal population it is to try and balance the overpopulation of that animal in a certain area. (Not the whole state).

If you have an overpopulation of wolves in a certain area, they can wipe out an entire population of moose and deer in that area. It's a delicate balance that must be controlled and managed properly!.

I have lived here for 30 years now and have seen what too many wolves in a given area can do to the moose and deer populations.

Please get your facts straight before you go on the warpath and try to close any more industries. Oh, and for your information trees do grow back! They are a renewable resource and with proper management can be sustained as well. And there are plenty of wolves for you to come up and take pictures of.

Again, please worry about the problems in your own area and leave the Timber/Oil/Gas/Fish & Game and all other resources in this great state to the people who live here and maintain it!

Thank You.

Mark Cowley
Wasilla, AK - USA



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