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Alaska Wolf Slaughter
by William S. Brehm


February 22, 2005

Dear Editor:

Below is a transcript of a letter sent to Senator Murkowski and Governor Murkowski outlining the outrage that many American citizens feel about the mis-management and slaughter of the wolf population in Alaska and the general disregard that Alaska has shown for its responsibility to protect an irreplaceable natural legacy. The people of Alaska have a right to know what the rest of the country feels in regard to the bad decision making coming out of the office of Governor Frank Murkowski. Thank you for considering this for publication.


William S. Brehm
Ellsworth, ME - USA


Dear Senator Murkowski:

I personally call on you to help stop the uncalled for and unjustified slaughter of wolves in your home state of Alaska. After decades of efforts to save this noble and endangered species, Alaska has inexplicably decided to declare an all out assault to remove the recovered wolf packs from their natural habitat. I and many of my peers have considered long term photographic sojourns in Alaska to record the behavior of these and other wild creatures that inhabit Alaska. Now however Governor Murkowski has placed not only my plans but also the plans of many other wildlife photographers and naturalists on hold until this uncalled for slaughter is halted.

Yes Alaska has become a boycotted state. Please relate this message to Alaska's voters and to your peers in the Senate who favor opening the Alaska Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and exploitation. Alaska will suffer the economic consequences that will result in lost revenues from tourism and scientific exploration and research. Sincerely,

William S. Brehm
Ellsworth, ME - USA


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