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Destruction of our land and wildlife is a downward spiral
by Sharon Fraley


February 25, 2005

Mr. Cowley.... Pull your head out of the sand, wake up, and try to become an informed and intelligent Alaskan!! Calling people names that love the God- made and given beautiful land that we live on ("tree huggers") only demonstrates your shallow-minded and uncaring perspectives.

And don't asssume that every Alaskan is FOR the wolf-kill destruction and chopping every tree down in sight! As a resident for 25 years, it has always been my passion to try and protect the beautiful and literal "last frontier" that I have the privilege of living in, from totally following the repeated history of what has happened in the lower 48.

Trees grow back?! Take a peek down here in Southeast Alaska at the marred mountainsides that look like a dog that had mange. And try explaining to your visiting friends from Australia that it was clear cut 20 YEARS ago, but, oh, SOMEDAY it'll all grow back!!!

The man that is supposed to be GOVERNING the care and preservation of this LAST wild, free, and beautiful state, has brought shame upon us in the eyes of the world, as well as people such as you.

Mr. Brehm... my deep gratitude for you, Priscilla Feral, and all the others that have the intelligent insight to know that the destruction of our land and wildlife is a downward spiral that has to be stopped before it's too late. Other states that have done such have realized their mistakes and are re-introducing wolves back into the wild. It's sad that Alaska can't learn from them and not make the same mistakes. And all in the name of more moose for the big bucks hunters to kill that come up here from the lower 48. What goes around, comes around... eventually.

Sharon Fraley
Ward Cove, AK - USA

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