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Huggins raises the ugly head of the dragon again
by Neil Gray


February 17, 2005

Senator Huggins raises the ugly head of the dragon again in suggesting another move the Capitol effort. It's kinda like "The Bridge" issue in Ketchikan. The discussion comes and goes over a 20+ year period of time. Dave Kiffer made a good point. Didn't the good Senator realize where Juneau was when he ran for office. I'd think he'd enjoy the opportunity to spend time in the great Southeast Alaska lifestyle. It's kinda like people who move into a new home that's under the landing patterns of a major airport, then complain about the noise. But, haven't many legislators over the years thought of Southeast Alaska as a stepchild, when in fact it's the REAL Alaska?

On other matters: Evolution: I have it figured out. There must be evolution. One of my coworkers is always calling me a "monkey", so they must know something I don't. I always get lost in those long dissertations about evolution anyway. They always seem to go nowhere.

And, Bob's mention to coffee: I must be the most healthy person in the world with the most healthy liver. Thanks to those three pots a day I drank while spending 20 years at KTKN. I have found a new one too. Killer Koffee from Newport Bay Coffee Company in Oregon. Good stuff, and good for the liver apparently! Thanks Bob.

Go Kings.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA


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