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Moving the Capitol
by Dave Kiffer


February 16, 2005

I just wanted to second Rick McDonald's reponse to Sen. Huggin's "fuzzy" math regarding moving the Capitol (or "Capital" as in diverting scarce state funds to enrich speculators in the swamp that is Willow) northward.

It always seems that move proponents talk about making the government more accessible to the majority of the population. What they fail to mention is that in states where the government is more "accesssible" you don't see the public wandering the halls of state government in great numbers. When it comes right down to it, making laws is like making sausage and the consuming public would prefer not see the whole ugly process.

What you do see wandering the halls of the capitol are lobbyists. I, for one, have no problem with making state government a little less "accessible" for those folks.

I'm sorry that Sen. Huggins finds the trip to Juneau so onerous. He probably should have considered that before he decided to run for office. Or perhaps, he suffers from that typical "railbelt" mentally that regards the state borders as Seward to the south and Fairbanks to the north. I suspect he was shocked and appalled to discover - when making his travel plans - that Alaska was bigger than he previously thought.

Dave Kiffer
Ketchikan, Alaska


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