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What a Week, So Far!
by Bob Ciminel


February 16, 2005

Two life-altering studies were released this week that have put me on Cloud Nine. First, Norwegian scientists determined that lobsters do not experience pain when immersed in boiling water. What a relief! I've had many sleepless nights since boiling a half-dozen Maine lobsters for Christmas dinner. The lobster lobby has always maintained that lobsters do not feel pain; I'm sure they are elated to see their theory finally being supported by science.

The other great news was the Japanese report that drinking coffee every day can reduce the risk of liver cancer. I live on the stuff. It's the only thing that gets me moving when I arrive at work, although I think it is also the reason I miss a lot of keys on the keyboard and have to use the backspace key so often. I wonder if the efficacy of coffee includes Luzianne's New Orleans Blend, a mixture of coffee and chicory that remains my hands-down favorite, especially with lots of sugar and evaporated milk?

Bob Ciminel
Roswell, GA - USA



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