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Litter problem
by Karen Ramsey


February 29, 2004

I'm so glad there are a few people in Ketchikan who do care about the image projected by the trashiness of our local streets and highways! Those of us who do care for our surroundings seem to be in the minority. After being in Juneau for a few days this past week, I really noticed again how awful our litter problem is. In fact, it so disgusted me on my morning commute to town the day I returned, I felt like throwing up.

I have attempted to chastise litterers in the past few months when I have witnessed trash being thrown out vehicle windows. What did I get in return? Epithets hurled at me, that's what! And by youngsters! Not only are these young people being taught that they won't be held responsible for littering, they are also being taught complete disregard for their elders and authority.

We need to figure out a way to increase activism against improper handling of garbage. I conducted an informal survey last year on people's attitudes toward littering. All questioned admitted that they had thrown garbage out of their vehicles at least once in their lives. When asked if they felt littering was an okay thing to do, they all answered no. Huh?

I asked a city official once why we can't get the DUI offenders out of jail to do roadside litter pickup like many places do. He replied that that would be competition with private business. Again, I say, "Huh?" There are many civic-minded people and groups who "adopt a mile" of roadside for litter pickup, but as for private businesses doing it regularly, I wish! No, we need to figure out a way to prevent the problem. We need to start educating our children that it is wrong to litter. We also need more violators to be fined. Mr. Cegelske, I am firmly on your side, and I believe there are enough of us who are that we can help produce some change. Thank you for your efforts toward diminishing the problem; you certainly have an uphill climb in doing so.


Karen Ramsey
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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