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Re: Does anybody care anymore?
by Penny Eubanks


February 27, 2004

Jerry Celgelske, I really appreciate your frustration with garbage in Ketchikan! It is hard for me to understand why people who live in one of the most beautiful places in the United States would want to dirty it up with garbage! A problem area that I have noticed lately is the amount of trash along the street directly behind the High School - perhaps Kay-hi should have a spring clean day. I have also recently noticed a number of boxes stacked on the narrow sidewalk in front of a business across from the South East Stevedore area. Seems as though the city codes would prohibit empty freight boxes from being stacked for lengthy periods of time on the public sidewalk. If this business continues to practice piling its empty freight boxes on the sidewalk through the summer months they may end up with a lawsuit from some tourist who is busy looking at eagles and trips over the boxes resulting in injury...

I wonder if signage in the popular north end or south end dump areas indicating that garbage can be taken to the dump for free would help prevent dumping?

Penny Eubanks
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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