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CBS-SE TV Signal
By Ed Cushing


January 25, 2013
Friday AM

My name is Ed Cushing. As the Division Manager, KPU Telecommunications, I am responsible for KPU CommVision’s technical operations. The purpose of this letter is to respond to Sandra Rusin McCray’s SITNEWS posts dated January 15th & 19th, 2013, regarding a recent temporary outage of CBS-SE (KUBD) on the KPU CommVision network.

For background, KUBD (a CBS-affiliate) holds the ‘monopoly’ FCC Local TV Broadcast License for Ketchikan.  As such, KUBD insists that KPU (and GCI, Direct TV, etc.) ‘must carry’ the CBS television signal which KUBD makes available to Ketchikan.

Unfortunately, KUBD insists upon delivering CBS network programming to Ketchikan via a ‘cheap’ residential-grade satellite circuit.  This forces KPU to use a very low-quality TV-set-top-box in attempt to “receive” KUBD’s signal for retransmission on KPU’s commercial network.  Because KUBD’s ‘home use’ electronics are not designed for continuous commercial operation, their electronics ultimately fail and/or cause low quality TV video and audio.

Ultimately KUBD’s insistence upon ‘going cheap’ causes quality issues including single-channel-type audio, delays in closed-captioning, momentary blackouts and ‘color-bars’, and/or --- as happened most recently --- complete and sudden loss of CBS-SE television programming.

It is worth noting that KPU CommVision broadcasts over 300 channels of network programming.  Every one of these networks utilizes commercial-grade technology to ensure the best possible quality – with one notable exception:  KUBD.  But, then again, KUBD is the only network that insists its “monopoly” license trumps all --- including any desire Ketchikan residents have for CBS television quality as good as or better than the rest of the nation. 

Customers or advertisers with concerns about this matter should contact KUBD directly to enquire as to why KUBD thinks its ‘cheap and dirty’ approach is “good enough for Ketchikan”. 

It’s time for KUBD to meet the spirit of its monopoly, rather than simply taking advantage of it.

Ketchikan deserves better.

Thank you.

Ed Cushing
Ketchikan, AK

About: Division Manager, KPU Telecommunications

Received January 24, 2013 - Published January 25, 2013

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