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CBS-SE Service
By Sandra Rusin McCray


January 15, 2013
Tuesday AM

My name is Sandra Rusin McCray and I am the Regional Sales Manager for CBS-SE. I've had several calls since Friday, January 11th asking me about the technical difficulties that KPU CommVision is having with the local CBS-SE Affiliate. Here is the best explanation that I can offer:

From what I've read on the KPU Telecommunication Facebook page, and from what I've heard from callers, KPU CommVision is experiencing some type of technical/operational difficulty that involves the way they receive the local CBS-SE network feed. I also know that KPU CommVision had contact with the General Manager of CBS-SE, this past week, to try to resolve their issue. Any problem that KPU CommVision is experiencing, with this current issue, is not due to CBS-SE. CBS-SE is up and working and is available to all TV Providers. It appears that KPU CommVision has made the decision to substitute the CBS-SE feed with the CBS-KIRO feed from Seattle, Washington until they can resolve this problem.

CBS-SE is the local SE Alaska Network. When a local network is in a specific area, or (TV Talk, DMA), it is required by FCC law (Must-Carry Law) that all TV Providers offer that network to its customers. CBS-KIRO from Seattle does not fall in the SE Alaska DMA.

Please note that KPU Telecommunications has referred to CBS-SE as an Anchorage Network. CBS-SE is NOT an Anchorage Network. CBS-SE is a SE Alaska based network and station, based out of Juneau, Alaska. CBS-SE serves all of SE Alaska on TV Providers: GCI SD/HD; Dish; DirecTV SD; Craig Cable SD, KPU CommVision SD/HD; Over-The-Air or Antenna with offices in Ketchikan, Juneau and Sitka. The CBS-SE coverage is from Metlakatla to Skagway and the reach is over 30,000 households. CBS-SE is the largest local Network in SE Alaska.

CBS-SE does not have a local news program, so we have an agreement with CBS-KTVA in Anchorage to provide the news for our Network in SE Alaska. All CBS-SE programming is run on Alaska time.

CBS-SE takes great pride in offering the best programming in SE Alaska. CBS has been #1 Nationwide for 9 of the last 10 years, and was named Network of the Decade in 2010. This year, CBS is honored with the largest lead in ratings in over 23 years. CBS-SE is very proud of the local advertisers that support local programming. These advertisers include: Alaskan & Proud Markets; TSS Inc; Tyler Rental and Tyler Industrial Supply; Timber and Marine; All American Auto; The Gilmore Hotel; Annabelles Famous Keg and Chowderhouse; Alaskan Dames; Bullwinkles; Race Realty; Valley Auto; Mike Hatch Jeep; The Prospector Hotel; PeaceHealth Corp.; First National Bank; Capital City Fire and more.

If you have any questions about your service with KPU CommVision, I would suggest you contact them. If you have questions about CBS-SE and our programs, you can contact me at 220-7148. My name is Sandra Rusin McCray and I am the Regional Sales Manager for CBS-SE. I have worked for CBS-SE for almost 10 years and reside in Ketchikan, however, I work throughout SE Alaska.

Thank you.

Sandra Rusin McCray
Ketchikan, AK


Received January 12, 2013 - Published January 15, 2013




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