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CBS-SE TV Signal
By Sandra Rusin McCray


January 19, 2013
Saturday AM

More info regarding the CBS-SE feed for KPU CommVision. It is my understanding that KPU CommVision is now in receipt of the equipment that failed which resulted in KPU CommVision making the decision to bring in the CBS-KIRO signal from Washington State and taking down the CBS-SE signal. In doing this, KPU CommVision violated FCC laws.

The FCC has clear laws that state; that any and all local networks must broadcast on the TV Providers in that same area. KIRO does not fall into our area. KIRO is not even in our State! This move was taken without CBS-SE knowing about it. We found this out after it was done last Friday at approximately 5:15 pm. We did know that they were experiencing problems with their equipment, however at no time did they advise us that they were turning us off and bringing in a Network from Washington.

KPU CommVision has been advised that it is imperative that they fix their broken equipment and reconnect the CBS-SE signal for their customers. If they do not comply, then they are in continued violation of FCC rules and regulations and it will be dealt with accordingly.

Sandra Rusin McCray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I am the Regional Sales Manager for CBS-SE. I have worked for this station for over 10 years. I moved to Ketchikan in 1999 with my husband who has 2 children here and he has tramped SE Alaska as a Timber Cutter since the 1970'. I am a local, I am a resident and I am an Alaskan!"

Received January 17, 2013 - Published January 19, 2013

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