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Planning Comm. Meeting Tues 1/8 6PM
By Robert K. Rice


January 06, 2013
Sunday AM

This is a copy of a letter I sent to the Ketchikan Borough Planning Commission. I am encouraging everyone with concerns regarding this use of the land near our library, radio station, recreation center, swimming pool, ball fields, fish hatchery, and many homes and apartments, to attend the planning commission meeting to voice your concerns.There are much less disruptive places to site this facility Thanks to Amanda Mitchell and Duke Swink for bringing this to our attention.

To Planning Commission
Re application #12-106.

To change the zoning in this area, in Bear Valley, next to the library to heavy industrial, is WRONG! When the site for the new library was approved, most people understood that the gravel pit, along with the blasting, noise and dust would only be operating for a limited time, as many of us objected to the proposed site because of this conflicting use. Now after our beautiful new library has just opened its doors, we have a request to turn this residential area into something similar to the Ward Cove sort yard, but with added noise and pollution. I believe the planning commission's primary purpose is to prevent this helter skelter type of development.

Bear Valley is not the place for this type of development. Thank you for consideration of this viewpoint.

Robert K. Rice

Sincerely R.K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK

About: "35 year resident of Ketchikan"

Received January 03, 2012 - Published January 06, 2012

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6:00 pm - January 8, 2013
Download the agenda and information packets

RE: Case 12-106: Summary (click here)

The applicant wishes to use the property as a disposal and recycling center, as well as for storage of construction equipment and materials. Disposal would take the form of an overburden disposal site, as authorized by a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit currently in place for the parcel. Under the terms of the permit, approximately 80,000 cubic yards of fill that is free of man-made materials except concrete can be placed on the site.

The recycling operation would consist of the crushing and screening of asphalt, concrete, and rock to form an aggregate that can be used for construction. In addition, screened soil would be mixed with chipped waste wood to create useable topsoil. Wood chipping and soil screening are proposed to take place on the property. Both the aggregate and topsoil products would be stored on the property until sold.

Equipment storage would consist of heavy construction machinery that could include concrete and asphalt batch plant machinery; however, concrete and asphalt batch plant operations would not be allowed on the property.

To mitigate impacts to surrounding properties, the applicant proposes the following special limitations on the rezone:
The uses on the property shall be limited to:

1. Material and equipment storage.
2. Stockpiling of rock, concrete, asphalt, and similar materials.
3. Processing of waste material to include rock crushing and screening, soil screening, and wood chipping to produce recycled, saleable products.
4. Retail and wholesale sale of materials.
5. Waste disposal of soils, organics, wood, stumps, and concrete. The disposal of manmade waste other than concrete, with or without reinforcing steel, is not allowed.
6. Hours of operation shall be limited to 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday. There shall be no operations on Sundays.
7. Accessory uses necessary to perform the above uses, to include offices, truck scales, and storage and maintenance buildings.

Planning staff recommends the Planning Commission forward Case 12-106 to the Borough Assembly with a recommendation of denial. The proposed rezone, even with the special limitations, is inconsistent with the Borough’s Comprehensive Plan and will likely have significant negative impacts on surrounding properties (Rez 3799B).





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