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Rezoning our residential area to heavy industrial; Case 12-106
By Amanda Mitchell


December 26, 2012
Wednesday PM

I live in Bear Valley. I have some great neighbors, beautiful views and easy access to the new library, new pool, schools and recreational areas. It is that cozy place where city dwellers get a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of Alaska’s nature while living in town. We should cherish our peaceful community along with our new pool and library as we have a lot invested in them.

We received notice that on January 8th there will be a Ketchikan Planning Commission Meeting to decide whether or not our quiet neighborhood will be overshadowed by a new heavy industrial zone. This rezoning is taking place within our town, in a zone that is already classified as residential. It is proposed to be a disposal site, a place to recycle asphalt, concrete, rock, soil and wood by crushing, screening and chipping. It will also be a place to store equipment.

My concern is the effect on our air that we breathe and what will be contained in the particulate from the industrial activity. I am concerned about our water quality and how it will affect our wildlife, gardens, children and pets. I am concerned about the toxins and pollution that can affect those that work, live and go to school here. This proposed rezoning is next to our new library where many expect peace and quiet. It is probable that even limiting the hours of operation that the noise will negatively affect many. This heavy industrial site is next to day sleepers, night workers, homeschoolers, young children, retired persons and blossoming families. It is next to our schools, preschool/daycare, homes and recreational activities. I believe it will interrupt and lower our quality of life. It will affect our health and it will most likely bring down the value of our properties too.

For those of you interested, we have until December 31st to write the KGB Planning Department with comments or concerns regarding this issue. For your convenience, the planning office email to contact is .

I believe that it is not only our neighborhood that will be affected, but our entire town.  I hope you will stand with me to oppose this issue.

Thank you.

Amanda Mitchell
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 21, 2012 - Published December 26, 2012



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