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Concerning Rezoning Case 12-106
By Duke Swink


January 02, 2013
Wednesday PM

What kind of treatment plant will be in operation to treat the water used in this industry? Will the run off end up in Ketchikan Creek where there are salmon? Has anyone thought about this? ALL industrial sights have large amounts of waste water, and it is usually VERY polluted, and must be treated before it can be released into the surrounding areas. I didn't see a provision for a treatment plant. This could open you up to major lawsuits.

I was born and raised in Ketchikan, I now live in L.A. (temporarily) and plan on returning soon. I would hate to see that some greedy '48-er' put an ill conceived industrial plant smack in the middle of town, where it will do far more harm than any good, except to line a few people's pockets. Some 48-er's trying to spread their 'Values' on us once again. A real Alaskan would not poison his own neighbors nor his fish supplies. A greedy council member might, but not a real Alaskan.

Duke Swink
Seattle, WA


Received December 31, 2012 - Published January 02, 2012

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