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By Tommy Bergeron


January 21, 2006

I wrote a letter recently based on the reaction (or lack of reaction) the people in the mainstream media have towards "us" killing people in other countries. At the time I just wanted to express that having seen the lack of horror time and again when we accidentally hit the wrong target or there is some "collateral damage". On 9/11 2001 something horrible happened in this country and the effects are still coming from that. My point was that this is what we do to other people when we kill them and their families. War is hell, that was my point. Suddenly, you can realize that terror. Our bombs are helping other people realize that. Whether or not ultimately we are doing something good I do not know. I'm not that wise. There is the us or them mentality, maybe that is wisest. I doubt this. A person said "It is really sad that we have to respond to violent attacks with violence of our own which means some people will die but there is no alternative." But, there is another option (alternative)... one I doubt I'm brave enough for. Officially, we just celebrated the life of a person who chose this alternative. Apparently this isn't a realistic option for those who we give power.

I can't say I know what is right at this time. I do know that unforeseen consequences can bite you in the butt. Like giving arms to people or teaching people how to fight wars who will later fight against you. Or helping bad groups keep power because you profit from it monetarily or strategically at the time. Not thinking about what you will encounter further down the road. The pentagon has probably thought about these things in great detail though.

If another country accidentally killed your uncle, aunt, cousin, sister, nephew and grandma, what would your reaction be after the terror? Would it be, "Oh well, they were trying to target the right people."? There is outrage in Pakistan even though we got some proper targets. Maybe nothing will come of this.

I think I could get into defending things I shouldn't merely because my ego feels wrapped into it. I'm sorry if this isn't a good contribution. So I'm going to end this now.

Tommy Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Tommy Bergeron is a resident of Ketchikan. He writes he's "young, inexperienced and foolish".


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