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The being "uncompassionate" issue
By Theresa Cullen


January 20, 2006
Friday PM

I love the way Mark Neckameyer who often writes to you, puts things in a kind of historical perspective when he responds to people like the writer who recently said that the U.S. was unfair and uncaring for killing innocent people while trying to get terrorists.  Mr. Neckameyer is right.  Today's problems are much like what our parents faced after Pearl Harbor.
All violence is bad and awful.  Our military people say "collateral damage" when they refer to the innocent civilians who get killed and whose property is destroyed when we respond to terrorist attacks.  I wish, I am sure we all wish that people all over the world of all religious and national persuasions would co-operate with each other and would live in peace but unfortunately it is just not like that. 
I firmly believe that our national and military leaders are decent, honest people who try as hard as they can to minimize deaths among people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  My own brother is a battalion commander in the Army National Guard and I know that he is always concerned about hurting civilians.  It is really sad that we have to respond to violent attacks with violence of our own which means some people will die but there is no alternative.  As a mother, I am thankful to those who risk their lives to protect me and my children.  We should all keep what is happening in perspective.   We are good citizens, accepting of others and we want to live in peace.  The terrorists want us all to believe as they do or they will kill us.
I hope this "war on terror" is completed successfully before my own children become military age.  I also hope and pray that our side prevails and that we find a way to all live in peace together.  In the meantime I support and have trust in our military and our political leaders to do the right thing.
Theresa Cullen
Fairbanks, AK - USA
About: Theresa Cullen is a credentialed educator and long time Alaska resident who will be back in the elementary classroom as soon as her own children start school.


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