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Uncompassionate towards suffering
By Tommy D. Bergeron


January 19, 2006

It seems to me by watching TV that most people in the U.S. are very uncompassionate towards suffering the U.S. causes in other countries. While I know there are those who care about death and destruction and splattered blood and guts and torn families and dead children created from our U.S. hands, are most people not caring? Is this why we aren't talking with great sadness about the U.S. accidentely bombing wrong houses? Or bombing the right houses with children in them?

When terrorists kills "innocent" U.S. people we are horrified. When the U.S. kills "innnocent" non-U.S. people we aren't.

If there is a terrorist in the U.S. is it ok to bomb a whole neighberhood to take them out? Would we just hear about that in the news and disregard it. Do we think, "oh well, not my neighberhood?".

Sincerely, a foolish non-innocent U.S. citizen,

Tommy D. Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Tom Bergeron is a resident of Ketchikan.



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