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Re: "Uncompassionate towards suffering"
By Mark Neckameyer


January 20, 2006
Friday AM

War is Hell!  General "Blackjack" Pershing is supposed to have said that almost a hundred years ago and war got worse.  The Nazis dropped high explosive bombs all over London, for example, to make the Brits surrender in the early 1940s.  We, along with our British allies,  firebombed German cities like Dresden where we "strategically" killed, burned up probably well over a hundred thousand men women and children but doing so may have helped convince Germany to surrender as they had no more Airforce left to protect their cities by that time in the war.  Did their act justify ours?  Would Tommy Bergeron please let us know how he feels about it?
Japan killed and raped millions of innocents in China and they attacked us at Pearl Harbor to make sure we couldn't so anything to stop them.  Did the evil acts of the Japanese justify our incinerating hundreds of thousands of poor souls at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  Well Mr. Bergeron?  Had we not been brutal in return to the acts of Japan and Germany, would we all be speaking German or Japanese and would we even be alive today?  Would there be a free and prosperous Europe and a free and modern Japan?
Lest the pacifists and the One Worlders forget,we were attacked on 9/11/01 in a strike three times as deadly and every bit as infamous as the Pearl Harbor attack which killed only seaman in uniform after all.  If we cannot strike back at the killers and their cohorts because they may have family with them, how can we win?  How will we survive?  All our Al Qaeda friends would have to do to be immune is to travel in family groups! 
If Mr. Bergeron is lamenting the deaths in Pakistan last week, we now know that there were at least several top terrorists in attendance where we hit.  Note that we did not destroy a complete village.  We "surgically" hit a meeting of terrorist chiefs and bomb builders.  It is very unfortunate that they had friends and family with them.  I suppose the morals of the story are; "Don't hang out with terrorists and don't ask them to your home."  and "Mothers and wives, don't let your men kill Americans and other innocent people because we are not pushovers who will standby doing nothing.  We hit back!"  The Al Qaeda guys  should read World War 2 history in school!  Maybe then they will think twice .... unless our own pacifists make us stop protecting ourselves.
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California


About: Mark Neckameyer, a frequent contributor to our Opinion section, presently resides in Southern California but has plans to retire to spend Summers on the Alaska coast in two years.  He has been an active volunteer in a variety of civic activities including animal charities and MADD and he has been a volunteer in his local Republican Party during elections.

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