The Bridge
By Don Hoff, Jr.


March 10, 2003

Thank you Mr.Grams. I was under the impression that the archaeological survey was conducted for Environmental Impact Study (E.I.S.) was completed? I have requested a copy of the E.I.S. report. from Mr.Dalton but I burnt that Bridge with him I guess.

The proposed bridge to Gravina Island via Pennock Island was set in concrete and the route was determined. But I hope your right Mr. Grams. Understand me, the white man been lying to us Indians in Alaska since 1867. So, I will believe it when I see them do the right thing.

I will guarantee to you that when the process of an archaeological survey determines that Pennock Island is "Sacred and Historical Grounds", if the Federal Government won't stop the bridge to Pennock Island, Indians will.

Mr. Grams, I still don't agree with you about the Bridge Project period. Ketchikan does not need a bridge specially to Pennock Island. There is plenty of land on Revilla Island to expand for economic growth! Thank you for your information.

Don Hoff Jr.
E-mail: Raven4Eagle@
Chattanooga, TN - USA



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