By Rick Grams


March 10, 2003

The issue with bridge construction destroying "Sacred or Historical Ground" is a factor in the development of any federally funded project anywhere in the country. I encourage everyone to read The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended through 2000 [With annotations] located on the web at Specific areas of attention can be focused on Section 2, and Section 106.

I did have a talk with Mr. Mark Dalton, HDR Project Manager by calling 1-800-478-2514. A couple of points that I made sure to understand:

1. So far, the exact route of any of the bridge proposals for Ketchikan has not been determined everything that has been talked about up to this point are basically proposals.
2. After a specific route has been determined the next step is to conduct the archaeological surveys, which is required before federal funds are spent.

When the process of an archaeological survey finds a conflict between "Sacred or Historical Ground" and a federally funded project, the "Sacred or Historical Ground" takes precedence and should remain untouched.

I encourage everyone interested to do your own research and make your own phone calls. Further discussion on Sitnews will help all of us to face the changes coming our way and perhaps understand why these events are taking place. Public dialogue provided by the Sitnews comments page brings forth a much needed process of communication.


Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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