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September 25, 2003

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Moniak Returns Home Safely From War

Jessica Moniak welcomes her brother home.
Also pictured are Michael's baby brother Alexander & his step-father Alex Viteri...
Photo by Sean Whiteley - Juneau, AK

photosKetchikan - Juneau: Moniak Returns Home Safely From War - Army Spc. Michael Moniak of the 101st Airborne Division returned to the safety of American soil in mid-August after serving in the war in Iraq.

This month, Moniak who is from Juneau was able to visit with his family in Alaska. On his trip home to Juneau, Lisa Viteri said her son spent a few peaceful, quiet days with some family members at Salmon Falls Resort in Ketchikan before boarding the Kennicott to head northward. - Read more & view the photo gallery...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am

Alaska: 2003 Permanent Fund Dividend Will Be $1,107.56; Direct-Deposit Payments to be Sent to Accounts on Oct. 8 - Governor Frank H. Murkowski announced the amount of the 2003 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend at Wednesday evening's annual meeting of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation in Anchorage.

The 2003 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend will be $1,107.56. An estimated 598,813 Alaskans will receive this year's dividend, an increase from the 589,300 who received the 2002 dividend. This year's disbursement will total $663.2 million. - Read more...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am

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Alaska: Governor Murkowski Endorses Percent of Market Value Change
to Alaska Permanent Fund Formula
- Governor Frank Murkowski on Wednesday endorsed the Permanent Fund Board of Trustees' proposal to add protections to the fund by changing its payout formula from one based on the its earnings to one based on a percentage of its value.

"Recognizing the obligation that the Permanent Fund must be there for future generations, just as it has been for us, I am pleased to endorse the Permanent Fund Trustees' recommendation," Murkowski said. "During my campaign for governor last year, I made the commitment that I would oppose any change to the Permanent Fund without a vote of the Alaska public. In keeping with that promise, I support this proposal, which can only be implemented by a constitutional amendment, and thus requires voter approval before it can take effect." - Read more...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am

Alaska: Governor Appoints Former Rep. Hudson to Perm Fund Board - Speaking to a crowd at the annual meeting of the Permanent Fund Corporation, Governor Frank Murkowski on Wednesday announced he has appointed former Juneau state Rep. Bill Hudson to a four-year term on the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation's Board of Trustees. Hudson replaces Juneau attorney Clark Gruening, who has served as a trustee since 1995. - Read more...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am

Michael Reagan Columnist: Family Feud, California Style - Rep. Darrell Issa is absolutely right in his statement that he'd rather see Davis stay in office, than have Cruz Bustamante in the governor's office. - Read more...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am

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People of Ketchikan
Tom Friesen

photo by Gigi Pilcher

People of Ketchikan: Tom Friesen - Long time Ketchikan resident Tom Friesen didn't mind in the least taking a moment to smile for the camera Wednesday morning. Friesen posed for the camera from his tour ticket window on the Ketchikan dock.

Friesen said he retired in 1988 and this seasonal summer job was his first "real" job since retirement. Friesen served on the Ketchikan City Council for over ten years. He said that he continues to stay busy with his "hobbies" which include being a sports announcer for KTKN for youth sporting events and bartending twice a week. - Read more...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am

Dick Morris Columnist: Why Clark Will Fade - The shocking truth about the U.S. presidential race is that the sudden and headlong collapse of President Bush's popularity has created such a vacuum that a new candidate such as retired Gen. Wesley Clark has no difficulty soaring to the top of the polls based on one week's publicity.

The most recent Newsweek survey documents both Bush's crash and Clark's rise. Bush is now down to a job-approval rating of only 51 percent. More ominously for the Republicans, in a trial heat against any Democrat (except Howard Dean), he scores below the crucial 50 percent mark. Against Al Gore and John Kerry, he gets only 48 percent, and against Clark, drops to 47 percent. When an incumbent president is below 50 percent of the vote, he is in desperate trouble. (Bush still manages 52 percent against Dean.)

Asked if Bush should be re-elected, Americans vote no by 50-44. - Read more...
Thursday - September 25, 2003 - 12:50 am



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