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People of Ketchikan

Tom Friesen
photo by Gigi Pilcher


September 25, 2003
Thursday - 12:50 am

Long time Ketchikan resident Tom Friesen didn't mind in the least taking a moment to smile for the camera Wednesday morning. Friesen posed for the camera from his tour ticket window on the Ketchikan dock.

Friesen said he retired in 1988 and this seasonal summer job was his first "real" job since retirement. Friesen served on the Ketchikan City Council for over ten years. He said that he continues to stay busy with his "hobbies" which include being a sports announcer for KTKN for youth sporting events and bartending twice a week.

He commented that he has "never loved or enjoyed a job" as much as he has this summer's employment. The best part of his job is getting to meet and talk to people from all over the world said Friesen. Friesen says he loves telling people about Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska and giving them information from a long time Alaskan resident's perspective.

He said one of the enjoyable things he has done often this summer is answer visitor's questions. He remarked that he was only stumped by one question this summer - "Is this island surrounded on all sides by water?"

Will he be back on the dock for the next visitors' season ? "You bet" says Friesen.


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