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Match of the Month: June 2007
By Nancy Coggins


July 02, 2007

Ketchikan, Alaska - - "Every day spent with Ashlyn is an adventure," says Gina.

"Little Sister" Ashlyn and "Big Sister" Gina, a matched pair in the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) organization, have adventures doing little things together. Highlights have been searching for the "perfect" hotdog roasting stick and trying to start driftwood for a campfire.

jpg Match of the Month

"Little Sister" Ashlyn and "Big Sister" Gina
Photograph by Nancy Coggins

Some of their fun activities: Participating in a go-cart tour sponsored by Cape Fox Tours, attending the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show, and making arts and crafts. They look forward to having many more good times in the future.

Their favorite activities: Making a bonfire for roasting hotdogs, and making S'mores in the rain. Ashlyn's typical refrain goes like this: "Do we really have to leave? Let's do this again."

And that's what a BBBS match is all about - a one-on-one relationship of an older person doing fun activities with a younger person. A "Big" sharing a little time makes a big difference to a "Little."

Gina says, "Ashlyn has taught me a lot about patience and understanding. She can always put a smile on my face. Hugs from her are the best in the world! She is a great kid." Experience has also taught me to only offer one soda, unless I'm ready to be in for a "non-stop laughing fit."

Gina continues, "I enjoy being a mentor and a friend to someone who looks up to me. I think that just setting an example for a child is the best way for him or her to learn some of the most important issues in life, which cannot be taught out of a book. I feel very special to be Ashlyn's Big Sister."

Ashlyn's mother sums up their match: "They really enjoy each-others' company, have lots of the same interests, and cherish their times together." When they return home from an outing, she observes, "They are so happy to have spent time together, and there is always a sparkle in Ashlyn's eyes. This match is magic and will last a long time."

In closing, gems from Ashlyn: "Gina is nice, responsible, fun, cool and caring. We like to do the same things. She makes me smile and feel happy. I like her and she likes me."

Sound like fun? Join Big Brothers Big Sisters program and add a little magic to your life. Capture fun moments with your "Little." Get involved. Call 907-247-3350.


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