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Singing Through History... in Ketchikan
By Elizabeth Flom


October 15, 2005
Saturday AM

Ketchikan, Alaska - California folksinger and autoharpist Adam Miller renowned for his extensive repertoire of traditional and historical folksongs recently performed in Ketchikan at the Ketchikan Public Library.

jgp Singing Through History Adam Miller

"When I Was a Little Boy"
MP3 Courtesy Adam Miller

Miller's "Singing Through History" was not only impressively educational but also alluringly entertaining - delighting both young and old alike. His energizing performance brought history alive at the Ketchikan Children's Library as he skillfully grabbed the children's attention and transported them with song and laughter through 400 years of history.

As the Ketchikan Children's Library exploded with spirited folksongs, Miller's reputation as a masterful entertainer who never fails to get his audience to sing along was demonstrated best by one enthusiastic young child. Her lively participation was nothing less than side-splitting provoking joyful and appreciative laughter from the crowd.

Composer and solo pianist George Winston has said of Miller..."Adam Miller is one of the great autoharpists and folksingers of our times." Based on his prodigious performance in Ketchikan, this writer would agree.

Miller plays both diatonic and chromatic autoharps using only his fingernails for picks. According to information provided by Miller's website, his autoharps are manufactured by Fladmark Woodworks, Orthey Instruments and the Oscar Schmidt Company.

During his Alaska tour, Miller also performed at the Juneau Public Library, Skagway City School, and Hoonah Elementary School. Miller performed at the Ketchikan Children's Library on October 8th.

If you missed Miller's outstanding performance in Ketchikan, Miller has recorded two CDs of folksongs - The Orphan Train and Other Reminiscences, Along Came a Giant and Wild Birds.


On the Web:

Adam Miller

Order: The Orphan Train and Other Reminiscences, Along Came a Giant and Wild Birds

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Elizabeth Flom is a freelance writer & photographer
living in Ketchikan, Alaska.

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