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Charles Freeman
Ketchikan City Council Candidate
3 year term (two seats vacant)
About the Candidate


Published: Wednesday
October 01, 2003
Last updated: October 01, 2003 - 2:15 pm


Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman
2840 3rd Avenue
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: 225-4034
Questions For Ketchikan City Council Candidates

Reader's question #1. (09/15/03) - What role, if any, should the City Council play in getting better, more reliable internet service from KPU?

check Response to question #1 (10/01/03 - 2:15 pm)

Identify the problem.
Assess the costs.
Fix it if feasible.
Monitor to ensure it worked.


Reader's question #2. (09/23/03 8:05 pm) - Last spring the Borough Manager eliminated three department directors positions to save money and keep rank and file workers on the job. Could the City do the same thing to save money? Could the Library Director and Museum Director positions be eliminated and their responsibilities transfered to the Assistant City Manager?

check Response to question #2 (10/01/03 - 2:15 pm)

The proposition does not necessary save money. By transferring the responsibility to the Assistant Manager you eliminate the position, not the job. There will still be a need for someone in both positions, in charge and knowledgeable enough to do the job. More responsibility to the Assistant Manager is the basis for more pay (see the combined KPU/City Manager position). So, what we'll end up with is the same three jobs, two paid less, one paid more.


Reader's question #3. (09/30/03 12:55 pm) - How do you make your hardest decisions?

How do you feel about our economy and how are you going to improve it?

What is your position on animal rights?

What do you think about the jewelry stores in Ketchikan that bring their own workers here, then leave? How is it helping Ketchikan?

check Response to question #3 (10/01/03 - 2:15 pm)

1. When in doubt I fall back on how it smelled the first time I thought about it.

2. Right now I think our economy is settled to (I hope) its lowest point. Governments role, I feel, should be to create an atmosphere in which private industry will be encouraged to build and grow, I.E. utilities, roads, rates, tax structure and land. Government has a poor history of creating non tax supported jobs. We need to remember there are two ends of town.

3. I support animal rights to the extent of the law.

4. Out of town owners? Out of state workers? Money going South? History of Alaska? I don't like it, never have, but it's still the U.S.of A., and our only benefit is whatever falls out of their pockets while they're here. From fish traps till today, nobody's found a solution. You have one, I'll listen.


Questions For All Candidates

Reader's Question #1. (09/22/03) - Do you think it responsible of the Borough to increase our taxes to provide more convenient working (new government building) conditions, when the old mill offices are available to them while kids in this town fight for space to recreate.

check Response to question #1 (10/01/03 - 2:15 pm)

This is not a city related question and any answer I give will certainly not help the present Borough/City relationship.


Reader's Question #2. (09/22/03 2:40 pm) - Many candidates have suggested they would make staff cuts as either the sole means of achieving fiscal responsibility or staff cuts combined with revenue increases. Which Borough staff and/or departments do these candidates feel are superfluous and expendable? Or if not that, least important to retain.

check Response to question #2 (10/01/03 - 2:15 pm)

In fact, City taxes are reasonable. The problem is that so are Borough taxes. It's the combination that gets unreasonable. I don't feel city staffing levels are out of hand, by any means. It's our dual form of government that's out of hand. Someone needs a back hand.


Reader's Question #3. (09/25/03 - 1:00 pm) - If the city of Ketchikan has all this extra money in the bank, should city taxes be reduced to give taxpayers a break? Why is the city looking for so many ways to spend our money on lavish and expensive projects such as new library and museum construction?

check Response to question #3 (10/01/03 - 2:15 pm)

An acceptable percentage of the total budget should be set aside to cover the unexpected. That percentage is usually set between 10 and 15 percent of the total budget. Any unencumbered, undedicated monies beyond that amount should be folded back into the budget, effectively reducing taxes.

The proposed library and museum projects will, most likely be presented to the voters as a general obligation bond. If the voters approve, they will be built.




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