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Joel W. Jackson
Candidate For Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly
3 year term ( 2 seats open)

Responses to Readers' Questions


Published: Monday
September 15, 2003


Joel W. Jackson

Joel W. Jackson
648 Main St
Ketchikan, AK 99901


First and foremost I am a father of three children Leo, Sam and Grace and married to their mother Ann. I was born and raised in Ketchikan but spent a number of years living in England, Oregon, Texas and Nebraska. My parents operated Revilla Flying Service and I spent much of my youth in planes and boats enjoying our unique lifestyle. Much of my extended family still resides in Ketchikan either retired or working in commercial fishing, tourism, flying, healthcare and education.


I have spent my entire adult life playing by the rules, running health care businesses with roughly the same operating revenue as KTN Borough. (I think that the Assembly should follow those rules as well)

I am the Chairman of the Tongass Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee.

I represent no special interest group.


- I am in favor of consolidation if no unfair burden is placed on any taxpayer. You should not pay for services you do not receive. If you agree please vote for me!

Education - Education should be funded to the cap. The Borough and School district should be working together to find ways to better fund our schools. If you agree please vote for me!

Economic Development - The Assembly over the past five years has almost bankrupted our government. They continue spending our money(not federal funds) to the tune of $300.00 for every man, women and child in the Borough on the Ward Cove site with no end in site. The money they have spent has cost Ketchikan jobs evidenced by the cuts in Borough staff this year. I believe the answer to any economic issue we have lies with private enterprise. The Borough is competing with private property owners, the very owners whom pay taxes to the Borough? If you want a change from business as usual, if you want someone who will represent you and not a special interest group then please vote for me!

Roberts Rules - The Assembly continues to operate outside of the accepted rules for public meetings. We have been interrupted by members giving public testimony. We watch them call each other by first name and address each other directly. We watched as they avoided the press at the Gateway Auction and met outside any published meeting scheduled. If you are fed up with an Assembly that can't follow simple rules and would like a representative who listens to their constituents please vote for me!

Timber Cutting - I am not opposed to timber sales on federal or private lands. I would like to see the timber industry move toward more value added products produced in Southern Southeast Alaska. If you believe there is a place for the timber industry in Ketchikan then please vote for me!

Please give me a call at 2475253 if you have a questions. I believe you have the answer for our community and I would love to hear them.




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